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Is She Looking For Love In All The Wrong Houses?

Cookieknits is a widow in her 50’s, trying to find her way in the world on her own. After spending twenty-eight years living in suburbia because that is where her husband was most comfortable, she is trying on dreams of her own, looking at houses and communities he would never for a moment consider living in.
This is her first year of widowhood, and rather that taking the old hackneyed advice, “Don’t do anything for at least a year,” as an admonition and a way of staying blocked and trapped, she is using it as a period of trying on different dreams.
Right now, that includes looking at houses online, but not yet in person in Fort Worth, Denton, Dallas (but not so much), and the surrounding areas.
Is Cookie a sophisticated big city woman of the 21st Century, or a small town crazy lady? Could be either one. Watch and learn with her!